Microgreens that are 100% Organic & Locally Grown with Non-GMO Seeds

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Tiny Plants

Microgreens are tiny vegetables and herb plants that contain macro nutrients.

Full Flavor

What makes Microgreens even more miraculous is they have the robust flavor of the full size version of the vegetable.

Quick Growing

Microgreens are typically harvested anywhere from a week to two weeks of growth.

Our Story

 Micro Meadows is an urban farm located in the scenic rolling hills of Gippsland Victoria, Founded on a desire to bring local, fresh and living organic food to our community. We provide a custom range of nutrition and nutraceutical products and educate the positive effects of healthy eating to our community and as many people as possible.

Founded in 2019, our roots go back many years with the owners being avid urban farmers and terrain modification practitioners. Desiging our custom range of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals we only promote products which we personally use ourselves and always design all of our products from the highest quality, non-GMO and organic sources where possible.

Our microgreens are always grown with organic and untreated non-GMO seeds. Utilizing minimal inputs and pure reverse osmosis crytal clear water we believe that our health starts with our food and strive to promote and distribute the most nutritionally dense and healthiest foods on the planet.

We believe in healthy families, healthy food, and doing what’s right for the planet. If you do too, please join us on our journey!


All of our microgreens are grown on organic RHS certified coconut mats and coir and never use synthetic fertilizer or pesticides.

We offer living microgreens! Yes, they are actually alive and ready to harvest yourself to enjoy the vitality only living foods can offer.

We hand-cut all of our harvested greens and deliver them to your door within 24 hours of harvest, so they are as fresh and nutrient rich as possible when you receive them.

Microgreens are among the healthiest foods in the entire world! Offering over 40X the vitamin and mineral nutritional levels of their fully mature counterparts.

Microgreens are a versatile ingredient both for top chefs and home cooks alike.

They provide a fresh pop of flavor and texture to any dish. They are also an incredibly convenient way to make an ordinary meal into something special.

They make a perfect topping for avocado toast, pizza, scrambled eggs, sandwiches…. you name it!


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